Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mayor Is Giving Us A Bad Name!

Town's mayor has been arrested after a number of women reported that their underwear was disappearing from their knicker drawers.
Knickers: police have arrested a town's mayor after underwear was stolen.

Ian Stafford, 58, was arrested after women in the area called police to report knickers repeatedly disappearing from their homes.
One woman was so peturbed she installed a hidden camera in her bedroom, which recorded a semi-naked man rifling through her drawers and putting on her underwear before performing a sex act.
Investigations later revealed a collection of knickers, allegedly matching those reported stolen, at the home of the mayor. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and bailed.

Mr Stafford, who works as a handyman and gardner, has now resigned from his post in Preesall near Fleetwood,Lancs. A fellow councillor has taken over the chain of office.
A spokesman for the town council confirmed that as a result of Mr Stafford's arrest he had stood down. A spokesman for Lancashire Police said an investigation into stolen underwear had taken place in Preesall and a suspect was currently on police bail after being questioned.
Andy Bloxham Published: 1:45PM BST 24 Aug 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to Drool

I Love to Wear Black!

Ten Not So Secrets You Need to Know
1. All women like surprises; women believe they should be surprised at least once a month.
2. All women have fantasies. A man should take the time to find out her fantasy.
3. Women want a man to be sensitive yet fight for them if they needed to.
4. Women want a man to be gentle and rough at the same time.
5. Women want to be told they're beautiful, then after a time told they're sexy.
6. Women want their man to notice when another man tries to pick them up, but refrain from jealousy.
7. Women will alter their appearance with a new hairstyle or buy something skimpy for themselves, not a man.
8. A woman will groom herself that day if there is a chance for her to meet someone that night.
9. Women believe in the fairytale and will look at most men in the first 30 seconds as if they could be the prince they have been looking for.
10. If a woman really likes a man, she will spend all day trying to look good for him and still not feel perfect, yet at times she will not be made up and feel perfect. --
Hint: It applies to Tgirls too!

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