Sunday, January 1, 2012

how are u going to swallow all 12 guys cum? and mary must have big room in the back and i hope she will join in with u

Mary loves Nikkij's clitty ... normally swallow

nice that is a lot of guys and they are all going to be fucking u and getting blow jobs from u

I do blow jobs there. Mary the bartender sits aside a back room for me

how are u going to keep her hard i have a good feeling that the ravens will and if they do win u have to put up a new pic of yourself on here

if I am not rubbing her .... someone will

whats going to happen if the ravens don't score i bet u look sexy in your latex catsuit and u going to wear a cage for your clitty also

not today ... I will wear g string underneath ... but she will stay hard..... They will score ... not to worry

what happens if the ravens don't score?what are u going to wear to the watering hole

latex catsuit today

are you in baltimore? i'm in waldorf lol

I am near Baltimore ... yes

whats going to happen when the ravens play today? how many times did your clitty cum

She came fours times .... not much the fouth time .... But I still shook ...

I am meeting the guys at a local watering hole. When the Ravens score i give Blow Jobs!

nikki could we see a pic of your face on here and how does your ass and clitty feel?

my clitty and booty are ready to go again today. I will be ready by the the time the Ravens play

candid picture of me, for my fans

Julia .. you are gorgeous. I would some much want to do you on a regular basis

what are everyone's plans to celebrate 2012 tonight?

I spent the new year with Robbie and Mindi. Just got home. Mindi pegged me and Robbie and I did HER ... all night.... going to bed