Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Lovelies

Into Hair Removal Today...

Body hair is a matter of style, preference and function. A smooth body is the trendy thing of the time (well, unless you're a bear or cub), but to what degree is up to the individual. I personally prefer a smooth chest, stomach, shaved armpits, and a trimmed genital region. I never leave my legs and arms up to mother nature (though I don't have much to begin with).

I am alomiost 96% shven.. eyebrows and crew cut... yes i wear lost of wigs.

Nonetheless, a smooth body is not without its function. Not only can I swim a faster lap, pesky body odor is kept to a minimum while my muscles and figure are accentuated. You may sweat more with less body hair, but like I said, there is less hair to trap odor.

Women have been grooming for years, but gay and straight men alike have recently caught up to the fad. Today, men are more comfortable expressing individuality on their bodies, much like a uniquely groomed beard or goatee. Grooming body hair, or manscaping as I like to call it tgirlscaping, can mean a light trim, lined or cleaned pattern, or complete removal. I know some gay men who form bikini wax patterns in their genital region, while other buddies of mine simply trim abnormally long hairs. To each his own. Me... complete... although I sometimes like a nice bikini trim.

There are many ways to groom body hair. Each person's hair growth and skin sensitivity is different, so it may take some trial and error to determine the best method.

• Shaving
The most popular method of grooming, shaving can be done with an electric shaver or razor. I prefer a disposable razor, like Gillette's Mach 3. The blades are comfortable and less irritating. It also gives a close shave. Be cautious around sensitive areas on your chest or in your genital areas. You can easily cut yourself. Also, use shaving cream or shave gel to lessen irritation and after shave lotion to repair the skin afterward. Using an electric shaver won't get you as close of a shave, but it may help prevent any ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

• Waxing
Waxing hurts, but hair takes longer to grow back. Waxing pulls out hair at the root, under the skin. This is a good option for grooming eyebrows or other small hairy areas, but for a complete body, you may want to go with the less painful and less costly shaving option.

• Depilatories
Hair removal creams are a viable option, but should be used with caution. Depilatories can burn the skin if left on too long and can do a poor job removing hair if not left on long enough. Most depilatory users have mastered the time it takes to remove hair on their skin based on trial and error. Of course, depilatories should never be used in the genital or any other sensitive area.

• Plucking
A wise landscaper once said, pull a weed at its root and it's less likely to grow back. The same holds true for the manscaper. Plucking is a viable option for the strong willed and patient. The eyebrow and regions alike are usually not completely removed and just need a simple trim. So, as with waxing, plucking is great for these areas. However, the body usually has more than a few wild strands. If you have the time, you might want to pluck the individual hairs from your pits, but most of us prefer a much quicker and less painful option.

• Electrolysis
When I was a teenager, I hated my facial hair and swore I would save my money to permanently remove it by electrolysis. Now that I've matured, I enjoy a little facial hair and am glad I didn't make enough summer job money to go through with electrolysis treatment. Hair removal through electrolysis is permanent and takes several treatments. You'll need to visit a certified doctor or clinic, which can cost you from just under $100 to a couple of hundred a visit.

• Laser
Laser hair removal is the more modern version of electrolysis. The root of the hair is "burned" off in the follicle by laser. As with electrolysis, laser hair removal is permanent, costly and can take several visits to complete.

• Bleach
There are some chemicals on the market that lighten hair color. By bleaching, hair isn't as visible, which makes it look thinner or nonexistent. However, for most people this method has proven just as ineffective as "invisible" bandages, since not all skin color is the same shade. Bleaching in sensitive genital areas is also not recommended.

Grooming your body hair doesn't make you gay or bi for that matter; it makes you a MAN that cares about his appearance and body. Remove body hair to the degree that makes you comfortable with the method best suited to your budget and hair type.

Now having said that .. I don'tm want to look like a man ...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Know You Love Lingerie ...

... Othwerwise you wouldn't be here...

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the first time you you dressed enfemme.

Were you forced by a Mistress or Master?
Who picked out your lingerie?
Did you enjoy it?
Were you just curious on your own?
Have you done it multiple times?
Have you ever been with anyone else dressed?
have you ever been caught?

Want Some?

Saturday, July 17, 2010