Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Know You Love Lingerie ...

... Othwerwise you wouldn't be here...

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the first time you you dressed enfemme.

Were you forced by a Mistress or Master?
Who picked out your lingerie?
Did you enjoy it?
Were you just curious on your own?
Have you done it multiple times?
Have you ever been with anyone else dressed?
have you ever been caught?


  1. *gulps* well, i guess tommi will go first!
    The very first time in any kind of lingerie was a "borrowed" pair of black panties from my Mum's drawer!
    The first time in a full outfit was in a cute little pink camigarter set with matching panties and white fishnets, purchased at a local deparment store - tommi's first lingerie shopping, her first stockings and her first fishnets at once! *giggles*
    so for the other questions:
    i picked it out
    Enjoy doesnt cover it! *blush*
    yes just curious, no not forced
    no sadly
    and no...never yet

  2. Not me obviously but I've just been with a guy who wanted to wear my lingerie. He'd not done it before and was a fantasy of his. I put on a tiny red g-string and red see through bra for him and tried to put stockings on his legs, they didn't get much above his knees! He loved the feel and was stroking his cock through the panties. We had a wild time! Picture on my blog soon...

  3. can'r wait Sara ... I would want to see you in the outfit too

  4. this is a more or less exact description of my first time...

  5. Were you forced by a Mistress or Master?
    Initially it was T centred curiosity but after a period of purging I got in touch with a mMstress who challenged me to wear pink camisole, matching panties plus stockings and send her the picture as proof.
    Who picked out your lingerie?
    I told what I had and she said what I was to wear.
    Did you enjoy it?
    Absolutely both for the sensation of the sheer material and also for the FemDom.It was when I realized I was a sissygurl.
    Were you just curious on your own?
    Sure but I became chicken.
    Have you done it multiple times? She managed to get me pantied 24/7.
    Have you ever been with anyone else dressed? I'm nearly always dressed with others although you learn how to cover up.
    have you ever been caught? Yes two occasions stand out: One was where I man fingered my butt while in red french knickers bending over to look at some cds and the other was when the door came open revealing my pantyhose and black frillies to everyone in the corridor just outside the toilet.

    regards sissygurl belinda

  6. I have always enjoyed wearing panties and a bra---it makes me feel pretty and im proud to be a sissy !

  7. The first time anything fem was my Mom's robe; then moved on to sister's panties, camis and slips. The first time I dressed more fully was on a business trip. Before the drive I put on my panties, stockings, short denim skirt, print blouse, wig and ruby red lipstick. Have done so several times, but never with anyone else. I've never been caught but secretly want to. A few weeks ago at a motel, I was prancing around in a slip, panties and cami outside but no one was there.

  8. Up until I was 6 years old I was a boy, with lots of girlfriends. Meaning there weren't to many boys around in my area so I hung out with my girlfriend buddies. That bought a bit of a change in me as now my eyes took a different light onto my one & only older sister. In fact I found that I was envious of her as she got the best stuff, the nice clothes & etc. I started thinking that I could have had the same if I was born a girl instead of being born a boy. But, I wasn't, dang!! Me & my sister started hanging out more together. One day, as usual she was put in charge of me when our pearents went out to a party. That was the day every thing changed for me. Up until that day I was a boy. After she made sure that our parents were gone for the day she took me downstairs to the cellar. Jamie, (my sister) had me take off all my clothes & she gave me one of our mother's bras to put on. While I had mom's bra on Jamie took my little dick into one of her hands while she held it she played with her pussy with her other hand. I was fastinated with what she was doing to both of us. It made me soooo excited for her to do that. She soon had my little dick throbbing excitedly. I was to young to cum but, what I felt was that great. After that first time together like that we made it a point to keep having sessions like that. Whenever our parents weren't home I would dress up in Jamie's clothes. Sometimes she didn't even have to touch me to make my little pecker really excited. By now, I felt that somehow God screwed up on me by making me a boy. I felt like I should have been born a girl instead.
    Since that time a lot of water has past under the bridge. Now, through my sister's help I am well on my way to sisterhood. I no longer have a yucky male type of body. I am very passible, passive & submissive as well, now. And, my little dicklet no longer gets hard either. I've already been on hormones for over 11 years and my sister has my little nutties cast in see through plastic on the mantle in our livingroom for all to see.
    Now, I only have the ugly worm to get rid off and, I'll finally become the female I was meant to be.

  9. I was 12 when I dicovered my moms lingerie draws. All those pretty bras,panties,garter belts, babydoll nighties and ffstockings. In her closet were corsets I LOVE them !! One day when she was out shopping I was home alone I dress up in her red lace/satin corset(took some time for me to figuer out how to put it on ) stockings and heels. Around the house I went feeling so free and fem. I never turn back from that day loveing to wear womens clothing.
    I lost track of time and there as I skipped up the hallway was mom, I almost died ,but to my surprize she smiled and ask if I would like to learn how to be a prober girl very red faced I said yes .
    That night she dress me in a baby doll nighty .
    That weekend I had make up lessons and all that go with being a convincing girl,and many weekends after that.
    To this day I dressup all the time thank you Mom.