Saturday, February 8, 2014

Satin Submissions ... Check Them Out!

Six reasons why you should force him into wearing satin panties

The feeling of soft panties is a delight that women have experienced for a long time. I’m here to convince you that you should try getting your husband or boyfriend into a pair, because it has great benefits for the both of you!
Getting him into his first pair of satin panties is an exciting moment for the both of you!

The benefits of having him in panties.

Before you go through the trouble of getting him to wear your satin panties, you might question if it is worth the effort. Let me sum up 6 reasons why it is definitely worth your time forcing him into panties


  1. Omg girl. I use to wear satin panties years ago but got away from them as they use to leave VPL=visible panty lines in so many of my outfits. N at the time I was in transition from male to female.

    But here within the last few months. It's almost like I can't get enuf of them. Like its my new addiction n can only imagine wearing leggings or a pair of shorts n knowing that my panty lines will show again n think of it as free advertisement, as I can't help but crave cock n just the thought of me being on my knees, so just like totally turns me on at the thought of it. Cock is so amazing n so very special. Even more so when I have one in me

  2. Find satin submissions a bit soul-less personally. Mainly promotion for birchplace shop. Kinda fakish.