Sunday, October 3, 2010

What is the most humiliating thing you've ever had done to you/been forced to do?

Leashes, cages, doggie, pony have all been fun and humiliating at times. The most humiliating was when I was taken on a leash and blindfold into a party by one of my black boyfriends Nate. The atmosphere when we walked in was boisterous but grew very silent as we entered further into the room. A few whispers, then i heard "Nice white bitch!" I was there for a few minutes before Nate removed the blindfold.

The room was filled with black men and women. I was shivering. Now I have been with black men before and just love bbc but i really had not been around them and their women.

That evening was fun, but i was left for a period of time with two sexy black women. i was tormented for what seemed like hours.

Now, that may sound racial, but it's not. Your mind takes over and i was scared. They knew it and played their roles to the hilt. They put my blindfold back on and i had to masturbate for them. I heard laughter but it was coming from the other room (unbeknownest to me they had left the room).

Nate insisted he had my back the entire time. .

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