Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When you pee, do you stand, sit, or "hover"?

Depends on where I am. If I am out in a restaurant or other public place I hover ... always use the ladies room. When I want to make statement when I am out .. I stand!

At home, if naked I stand ... with anything feminine on .. I sit! So mostly I sit when I am home.


  1. Well I had my mom and two older sisters growing up. I grew up a sissy and emulated them. And part of that was sitting down to pee just like them. And I have done it ever since!

  2. Sitting !!!

    Makes you feel so gurlie and no ickyu splatters !!!

    Win ---- Win !!!

  3. Interesting answer to a good question. And a scorching hot photo I might add!

  4. so andy do you sit, stand or hover?